Tripod of good life

Interesting quote from Bollywood star, John Abraham: Good food, sound sleep and a healthy exercise routine are akin to a tripod stand. Without even one everything will collapse. Source: Filmfare – Nov 2011 Think about the following: How is the balance of your life’s tripod? In the race for success, … Continue reading

Blogomentary – 1

Relationship between an employee and the boss is the theme for the first blogomentary. I have picked three blogs related to this theme. Get to know your Boss’s Boss This blog on Harvard Business Review emphasises the need to build a relationship with your Boss’s Boss for your career development … Continue reading

Google vs Facebook

In a thrilling article published on CNN Money website, Miguel Helft and Jessi Hempel of Fortune Magazine describe the high stakes game of social networking, Internet domination and Ad revenue being played between Google and Facebook. There is no doubt that the topic is one of most closely watched corporate wars … Continue reading

Blogomentary series

What is Blogomentary? It is a selection of posts that I found interesting. The links to these posts will be accompanied by a commentary. Every week I will post one installment of the Blogomentary series. The topics shall be technical as well as non-technical in nature. This concept itself is … Continue reading