Ocata release install scripts for OpenStack

Ocata is the most recent release of OpenStack.  I would like to share scripts that can be used to install the Ocata release of OpenStack on Ubuntu server as per the installation guide. This is a collection of scripts that should help you get going with OpenStack’s latest release. I have been developing these scripts to help me with my blogging and personal learning projects

OpenStack services installed

The following OpenStack services are installed as part these scripts:

  • Keystone (Identity)
  • Glance (Image)
  • Nova (Compute)
  • Neutron (Networking)
  • Horizon (Dashboard)

What’s new in Ocata in terms of Installation?

Here are some changes in the installation steps of OpenStack Ocata release with respect to the above services.

  1. Nova now supports Cells. Cells allow grouping of Nova services in a hierarchical manner. This in turn can provide more scalability.
  2. Nova has also started using Placement API – this is a new way of doing instance scheduling or placement of workloads.

Ocata install scripts on GitHub

All the scripts are available as an open source package (Apache License). You can get the source code from my GitHub repository. I welcome you to fork the repo and enhance/extend it.


git binaries must be installed on your Ubuntu server. This is needed to checkout the scripts to your Ubuntu server.

If you are using VirtualBox, refer to this blog for Network settings.

Installation steps

The GitHub repository includes details about the installation steps.

Ocata Install Notes

  • Javier San José

    Hi Sriram,

    I would need to thank you for your efforts in those scripts… I have found them on github and I forked for trying to install Pike on our environment.

    I also needed to change in config-parameters.sh because our distro (ubuntu 16.04) is in Spanish and the variable to get the IP changes something.

    ip_address_val=`ifconfig $1 | grep ‘inet:’ | awk ‘{ print $2}’ | sed ‘s/^…..//’`

    I also would like to give you any feedback from here..


    • Hi Javi – good to hear that the scripts are useful. I have not had the time to start working on Pike release yet. Would love to merge your changes into the main branch for Pike support.

      Please share your feedback. You can create “issues” in Github.

  • emmablisa

    Thanks for the information. The information you provided is very helpful for openstack leaners.