Over 2000 views of my YouTube Video

My YouTube video titled “Hub vs Bridge vs Switch” crossed 2000 hits this week. This milestone was reached in a span of six months. I had released another video around the same time but that video has clocked 240 views in roughly the same time period. This event prompted me to do some introspection. Here are my takeaways from the analysis.

YouTube Video Data Points

Video TitleNumber of ViewsTotal duration of the VideoAverage View Duration
Hub vs Bridge vs Switch20393 mins 20 secs2 mins
Fundamental Networking Concepts23814 mins 30 secs4 mins 30 secs

YouTube Video Analytics



My Takeaways

  1. Duration of the video is critical. My video on networking concepts is around 14 minutes long and has some insightful information. But the length of the video is probably imposing. On the contrary a short 3-minute video on a very basic topic has seen a great response. With a shorter video and a concise message, the viewers are able to gain better knowledge.
  2. Videos of very basic concepts are still viewed. This was surprising because the topic of “Hub vs Bridge…” covered a very basic networking concept. The other video covers an important but relatively lesser known topic. I had more expectations from the latter video.
  3. How can I cover topics which require longer video duration?
    • The simple solution is to create a series of short videos.
    • Better option is to combine regular blogs with ‘short videos’
    • Regular blogs can cover the theoretical aspects and videos can be used to cover practical aspects, demos etc.