Google Plus vs. Facebook – Advantage Google

About three months ago I had written about Google vs Facebook battle and highlighted my observations on their strengths and weaknesses. Now I will share firsthand experiences which lead me to believe that Google has a big advantage is this race.

As soon as I publish a blog, I market the blog URL on various social networks with ‘Public’ visibility with the idea of getting maximum mind share. I have been sharing my blog posts on Google Plus for about a month now and during this time, I gained some interesting insights about these two rival social networks.

Traffic Source: Google Analytics shows that my blog website gets more traffic from Google Plus than from Facebook. This is despite that fact that my Google Plus circle is almost half the size of my Facebook network, and one-fourth of my LinkedIn network. This is even more interesting when I observe that my Google Plus stream is extremely quiet compared to my Facebook News Feed. One possible explanation is that on Facebook there are so many updates and posts that good ideas get lost in the deluge. Is it possible that Facebook’s scale could affect the quality of its content in the future?

Google Search: I casually searched for “mw600 review” on the other day and noticed that my review of Sony Ericsson MW600 appeared on the first page of the result. This was surprising since my review was less than a week old. Upon closer observation I noticed that Google Search adds my blog to the search result, if I was logged into account.


As the screenshot shows, Google knows I shared the blog on Google Plus. Here is when things get interesting. I used my wife’s laptop where she had logged into, and repeated the search for “mw600 review”. And voila, there it was, my Blog showed in the first page of Google Search results, with an annotation saying “Sriram Subramanian shared this.” This happened because both of us are connected on Google Plus.

This clearly demonstrates how well Google Search is integrated with Google Plus. Needless to say other Google applications must also be well integrated to Google Plus. Since most of our meaningful activities on the Internet start with Google Search, I believe that this potent combination of Google Plus and Google Search can attract Advertising and Marketing folks over a period of time. Without a meaningful search capability and with too much noise, Facebook has a disadvantage against its battle with Google.