What motivates us?

This is the season of performance appraisals. Words like goals, feedback, salary hike and rating are floating all around us. But in the crucial performance management discussion one key element is usually neglected.

In order to perform well employees need to be highly motivated. Common sense suggests that it is the job of the manager and the organization to motivate an employee. While largely that is true, the effectiveness of employee motivation increases dramatically if both sides take the right steps.

The following video captures three factors that are responsible for motivation. The video is based on Self-Determination Theory of Motivation and uses a very creative technique for presentation.

Both managers and employees need to understand what each factor of motivation means from their point of view.

Motivation FactorWhat it means for EmployeesWhat it means for Managers
AutonomyFor employees autonomy comes with responsibility and accountability. That means employees must give their best in the march towards success or be prepared face the music.For managers autonomy means trust and faith in employees. Managers must provide resources and support to the employees and empower them to deliver on the goals.
MasteryTwo important personality traits for achieving mastery are positive attitude and patience. There are no shortcuts to success. So be patient and meet all challenges with a positive attitude.Managers must provide their employees with challenging work and scope to learn and grow. It may not always be possible to meet these needs and in that case it is the manager's duty to coach the employees appropriately.
PurposeIn addition to their day to day activities, employees have to learn to look at the bigger picture. It is vital to have a clear idea about how their activities are helping their team, organization and the customers. This knowledge will help them make better decisions in their day to day tasks.Creating and articulating goals that align with organizational needs is the prerogative of the managers. They have to instill a sense of purpose and show the path towards a vision.

With this common understanding, one can strive to have a rewarding conversation instead of a feedback discussion.

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