Don’t be average, Be unique

In a thought provoking article renowned author Seth Godin says “an average worker will not be racing to top but racing to the bottom”. So what should you do?

Seth Godin proceeds to say that “if you are different and have made yourself unique, people will find you and pay you more”. He urges that we should charge of our careers and differentiate it.

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Though the author takes this stand more from a North American perspective, I am of the opinion that it is very much applicable to India as well. There are more jobs in the Indian IT industry but the well paid ones go to people who have taken their career development into their own hands and made a difference.

The challenge though is to figure out how to go about making yourself unique. And you do not have to battle this challenge alone.

  1. Make your manager an ally and a coach by being open and honest about your career goals and aspirations. Work with him or her to create a plan where you can add value to your career by taking on stretch goals.
  2. When you execute on stretch goals, focus more energy on learning than on other benefits such as improvement in performance appraisal, salary hike etc.
  3. Practice reflection and identify your own career needs. Invest in training yourself by taking courses and/or reading books.
  4. Build a social network of like-minded people and create shared learning projects or activities.