Books on my bookshelf

The books that I am currently reading are listed on my current bookshelf. You may be wondering, am I reading all of them?

My reading habit is more of sampling than reading a book from start to end, especially with professional books. But what is more important is that I am reading. And I do not read books randomly, I pick them based upon my current needs and interests. For example my current projects at Juniper utilize Javascript skills as well as recruitment. At present I am also interested in training design – again triggered by some events at work. Based on such events and triggers, I select books that I want to read up. In some cases I do not need to go deep into the topic, so reading several books helps me improve my knowledge required my current needs.

I carry one or two books in my bag, have few books at my desk. So whenever the hunger for knowledge strikes I have food for thought ready at my disposal.

What is your reading habit?